Statistical Methodology

Download the results of my survey on the effectiveness of online games in CCTP 505 here (SPSS format).

Social Network Analysis

Download the bash script for finding pairs of characters here.

To use the script, simply open the file in a text editor and replace the character list therein with your own. Character names should be separated by spaces. Then run the script (make sure you’ve set your executable permissions — chmod 755 should do the trick) and in a short while you’ll have a huge list of connections. Special thanks to Pam for her guidance on *nix scripting.

Download the resulting output for Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings here.

Download a prettier, MS Excel version of the above output here.

Note: the format is MS Office 2007/2010 (xlsx). There are three sheets in the file: a list of all possible edges, actual existing connections, and the complete character list I used (including aliases).

Download my NodeXL file here.

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