Hi! I’m a UX designer, researcher, and occasional design manager. As a collaborative craftsman,* my specialties are highly interactive prototyping, evaluative usability testing, and designing for accessibility and inclusiveness. As a manager, my strengths are in mentoring, teaching, building teams that level up, and ensuring my reports are strategic partners and are seen as knowledgeable experts by the organization.

I follow a rigorous code of ethics. In short, I believe that designers are public servants, regardless of who employs them, and one of their primary functions is to minimize harm—existing harm as well as any potential new harm. I believe that no tech is neutral, and that designers are force multipliers for the organizations they work for.

* I used to say “individual contributor” before I learned it was a union-busting term.

Note to recruiters

In accordance with the ethical code described above, I keep a handy list of industries I’m interested in and not interested in. Please feel free to contact me if you have something that passes this filter:

Please contact me about design roles (design or management) in:
✅ green energy
✅ life sciences
✅ physical sciences
✅ social sciences
✅ civic tech
✅ ag tech
✅ public transit
✅ government services (federal or municipal)
✅ non-profits
✅ research
Don’t contact me about roles in:
❌ fintech / finance
❌ cryptocurrency / blockchain
❌ real estate
❌ business analytics
❌ wellness / quantified self
❌ social media
(except Fediverse alternatives)
❌ marketing / advertising
❌ retail / ecommerce
❌ cannabis
❌ data mining / surveillance / facial recognition
❌ CA Prop 22 supporters (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc.)

When I’m not at work, I’m likely tending my small flock of chickens, playing my concertina for the Morris, or exploring the various hidden hiking trails of the East Bay.