Seat Tracker (as seen in Lifehacker)

Seat Tracker

You book a flight on Virgin America from San Francisco to New York for Thanksgiving. You’re booking two months in advance, but it’s still more expensive than you’d expected. When you get to the point where you choose your seat, everything has already been claimed except for two seats in the back of the plane, both middle seats. Looks like you’re in for a flight you’ll never forget.

Fortunately, TripIt Pro now tracks available seats on your flight, and can alert you when a better one opens up.

Overview of the seat preference screen on Android.

Overview of the seat preference screen on Android.

I actually did both information architecture and visual design for this feature, as well as some impromptu RITE testing. After the web version was finished, a coworker and I split up the mobile versions — I took Android, she took iOS. If you’ve got a TripIt Pro account, you can start using Seat Tracker today. If not, check out these prototypes I built in Axure for user testing: Web | Android

Also, ERMAHGERD a thing I designed made it into Lifehacker.