Mobile Onboarding

Roles: research, information architecture, visuals

Following on the relative success of the redesigned signup flow and product brochure, we still needed a way to get users used to what TripIt does and how it works post-signin. One of the best (well, most gratifying) moments in user research is when the participant’s eyes get wide and they exclaim, “I get it!” That moment comes with predictable regularity when people are shown an actual itinerary and finally understand that everything in it is parsed data from an email someone forwarded in.

So, it was only natural to just show them an itinerary as soon as they sign in for the first time. The (small) challenges are how to explain what’s happening on the screen to a new user and then getting the user to make the connection between that and the email. The prototype below isn’t the final version (that’s still in dev and hasn’t been released yet), but it’s a relatively recent one and a pretty good overview of the technique I ultimately used. Check it out.